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Microdermabrasion is a method of deep exfoliation that refines the skin using special medical grade polished crystals. Microdermabrasion speeds up the process by which your skin cells produce new collagen and which enables your skin to naturally appear more youthful. It has been used for over 30 years to treat wrinkles and fine lines as part of an anti- ageing programme. Microdermabrasion is a very effective treatment for giving you a fresh, young-looking glow to your skin. Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular treatments that can transform your complexion, giving you a new found radiance.

Alpha-hydroxy Acids

Coarse, dull skin types, and blemishes, acne, wrinkles, scars and hyperpigmentation. Hydropeeling treat contain Glycolic and other natural AHAs (fruit acids) that separate dead cells from the stratum corneum, helping to remove them from the surface and visibly purifying your skin: Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) from vegetable sources: Glycolic, Lactic, Malic and Tartaric acids; and a fruit complex: Lemon, Passion-Flower, Pineapple and Grape extract. Enriched with Bacillus Ferment, an enzyme peeling ingredient that eliminates the risk of irritation and encourages cell renewal. The Green Tea Extract and other beneficial natural antioxidants prevent skin ageing and restore your skin's hydrolipidic balance. Leaves your skin looking silky, renewed and flawless: lifts the surface of your skin by acting on and renewing the epidermis increases skin luminosity, unifies skin colour and reduces blemishes instantly minimises skin flaws, open pores and fine lines activates peripheral microcirculation stimulates optimal oxygenation and helps your skin gain the full benefit of other skin care products

Hyaluronic Acid

Advanced science has developed an incredible liberator for dry, dehydrated, and ageing skin. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a potential “fountain of youth” as it has the ability to slow and reverse signs of ageing. Since Hyaluronic Acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water, it provides the perfect antidote to ageing skin.

Complex Fresh

Combination, oily and acneic skin types. Say goodbye to shine and problem skin with the best available treatment for oily and acneic skin types. Astonishing results right from the first session: reduces skin oiliness long-lasting shine-control unclogs and regulates pores re-establishes optimal skin moisture balance eliminates tiny blemishes caused by acne leaves skin looking more luminous make skin softer, eliminates shininess and evens skin tone.

Caviar Therapy

Professional skincare treatment that provides an intensive regenerating affects thanks to caviar extract and other beneficial agents that, due to their potent hydro-restructuring, emollient and firming properties, act together to boost cell activity and enhance tissue regeneration. Enhances the skin's natural beauty and leaves it younger-looking.

Vitamins Cocktail

Rosacea and sensitive, dry, very dry, undernourished and congested skin. Containing thermal water, essential oils and camomile, Boswellia Serrata, rice and water lily extracts, Vitamins Cocktail uses nature's most delicate ingredients to care for sensitive skin and leave it feeling relaxed and free of discomfort. Astoni results right from the first session: reduces cutaeonus sensitivity alleviates tightness and itching re-establishes optimal moisture levels and flexibility encourages the skin to make full use of available moisture regulates lipid production smoothes out minor wrinkles protects against free radicals enhances skin well-being and luminosity.

Deep Cleansing

Deep cleansing facial treatments stimulate circulation beneath the pores, remove dull cells at skin's surface, and fight free radicals that prematurely age skin. Performed regularly, deep cleansing facial treatments impart a refreshed appearance that makes skin look and feel revitalized. Facials eliminate clogged pores, blackheads, and other impurities that dull skin's texture. The result is clear, blemish-free skin. Facial treatments can include several steps to achieve results that last up to three weeks. Creams, masks, peels, steam, exfoliation, and extraction work together to purify skin at the cellular level.

Hybrid manicure

14+ day wear, no nicks, chips snd smudges, zero dry time, mirror finish.

Microneedle mesotheraphy

The treatment was developed based on the latest research in the field of aesthetic medicine . This treatment is used a special device called mesoroller , which is equipped with a movable roller with thin, titanium needles . This allows for approximately 500,000 micro-channels within 5 minutes. This increases the penetration of the active substance up to 100 000 times in comparison with the application directly to the skin . It is extremely efficient transport of the active system , as in conventional treatments for only 0.3 % of active ingredients delivered from outside can penetrate to the skin by a layer of the epidermis. Stimulation of the skin using mezorollera allows for the reconstruction of defects in the dermis layer . Mesotherapy microneedle gives comparable results to laser treatments or chemical peels without producing almost no side effects . Increases in skin thickness by approximately 8 %, which makes it effective and innovative anti-wrinkle treatment . Indications: dehydrated skin dry skin hyper-pigmentation acne scars skin with signs of photoaging mature skin oily skin requires hydration gray, tired, oxyganated skin thin, flabby skin, requiring regeneration Effects of treatment: reduction of wrinkles improving skin firmness and elasticity stimulation of collagen and elastin increases the permeability of the stratum corneum to facilitate the penetration of active ingredients stimulates microcirculation and stimulate the skin so that the cells are better oxygenated and nourished reactivation of all functions of the skin by stimulating repair processes stimulates the regeneration of the skin by enhancing cell division direct introduction of active substances into the skin strong hydration of the skin rapid effect of improving skin tension Contraindications to the procedure: pregnancy, lactation diabetes cancer viral, bacterial, fungal dermatitis, purulent inflammations anti-acne treatment derivatives vit. A and antibiotic therapy (1/ 2 years after the end of treatment) acceptance in the last days of anticoagulants, anti-inflammatory, aspirin alcohol before surgery

Hyamira® Dermal filler - hyaluronic acid

A viscoelastic filler, formulated to guarantee the maximum in terms of natural-looking results. It integrates perfectly in the skin tissues, thanks to its rheological characteristics, keeping facial volume at the correct level, both statically and dynamically.

Thanks to the characteristics in the formula, Hyamira is reabsorbed into the tissues with distribution kinetics that depend strongly on its infiltration depth. The results are a guaranteed natural look and enhanced appearance for the facial tissues.

Duration of results: 6-12 months

Hyamira® MN200 Micro-needle patches

Hyamira® MN200

Micro-needle patches of hyaluronic acid.

This is the latest generation of HA products, non-invasive and able to ensure gradual penetration into deeper skin tissue. Recognised by an international patent, the originality of this product lies in its dual structure, which comprises a soft, flexible, non-biodegradable external silicone gel patch to which is attached a hard, biodegradable “internal mask” from which the microneedles protrude.

Hyamira® MN 200 passes through the corneal layer, avoiding the nerve endings that sense pain. The hyaluronic acid is released gradually for intense hydration.

The microneedles have a mechanical action that intensifies the synthesis of new elastin and collagen. The mechanical action and release of HA guarantee effective, long-lasting results.

- dermatologically tested

- painless

- sterile

Perfect for eye's area, wrinkles, "dark circles under eye", "bags under eyes".